Understanding that IT industry has been developing day by day rapidly, such words like an information-oriented society or a global village are no more the terms in future and information technology are pervasive all our life.It will lead our life to e-topia and we are faced with the new circumstances.

We should care for the new challenge and how to manage the new circumstances for improving our life guality and social welfare.
(ULTRA SYSTEMS CO.,LTD) are making every efforts in order to provide the better way for you to e-topia on this way especially in the fields of network access area. Your visiting to our web site means that you are already passing the start line as a forerunner to e-topia,we are sure. We will always be ready to serve you with our utmost efforts for your traveling to e-topia on network access area with the most advanced technology and products.
Please travel together toward e-topia with us.
Thank you very much.

CEO/president JOO MO SUNG


2001.  5. 26



- development products


- LAN Extender 10Mbps System


- VOIP Module software

2001. 11. 11

ULTRA SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.establishment (capital:50M korean won)

2002.  1. 14

increase the capital (\100M korean won)


establishment date : 2001. 11. 11

Registration No : 124611-0268026

business approval No : 121-81-48557

`UCOIP-12 (central office internet phone small gateway)
`UTRM-2002 (Tel-recorder / manager)

products by oct. 2002
`Bluetooth access gateway
`Bluetooth living body information System

Target busiuess area
`Access Network products and technology


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